Matic Zorman

Give me Liberty or give me Death
Location: Kranj, Slovenia
Nationality: Slovenian
Biography:         Matic Zorman is Slovenian photographer, born in 1986. In 2008 he began his career by contributing news images to a variety of Slovenian newspapers and magazines on a daily basis. His work was published in The Washington... read on
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Give me Liberty or give me Death
Credits: matic zorman
Updated: 01/17/16
Location: Gaza
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Give me Liberty or give me Death is the testament of those people, uprooted by war - refugees - who were forced, in ultimate stages, to equal death with liberty.

Over the Mediterranean Sea, a mixture of matters such as impotent politicians, human traffickers' greed, fear and apathy, has formed a deadly vortex which has already swallowed - in 2015 - the lives of more than 3100 refugees. All of them risked death only to reach life in Europe.

Some of the first refugees who began this deadly journey were the ones who fled Gaza's post-war in September 2014.

“Give me liberty or give me death” project documents deadly immigration from post war Gaza with close up and personal accounts of migrants and their family members left in behind in Gaza still awaiting official information or any news regarding the faith of their loved ones, who disappeared either in the desert in Egypt or Libya or in the Mediterranean while trying to flee to Europe.


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