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Location: Hamburg
Nationality: German
Biography: Born in 1965 in Hamburg  1988-1991 successfully completed photography apprenticeship 1992-1996 studied architecture at the FH (university for applies science) Hamburg Followed by employment. I work as a self-employed architect in Hamburg... read on
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Updated: 05/14/15
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by the way

"The best camera is the one you have with you." Eliott Erwitt

I always have my smartphone on me and it has a useful camera. I have taken photos of whatever has caught my eye - nothing planned or prearranged, just spontaneous shots - using image editing that is also on my smartphone rather than on my computer.

The result is a sequence over 1½ years that resembles a diary of photos. Unlike in my previous photography projects and books, photographic recording technology takes a back seat. Questions concerning the right aperture, exposure time and focal length do not arise. The foreground and background are approximately of the same sharpness. The small sensor always produces a large depth of field. For the image format, I have consistently chosen a square so that the format does not prescribe any graphic design.

The only thing that counts is the here and now. With instant photo editing on location, I have been able to express my mood in the photo and sometimes even exaggerate it.


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