Meike Hanne Seele

visual storyteller & writer
Location: Lucerne, Switzerland
Nationality: German / Swiss
Biography:     Meike Hanne Seele is an independent photographer professional. Meike grew up at the coastal part of Germany and now lives and works in Lucerne/Switzerland. She started as self-taught photographer and gained most of her experience... MORE
Interview with WPO, 16th Oct. 2015
meike hanne seele
Oct 27, 2015

Visura member Meike Hanne Seele (b. 1968 in Germany), based in Lucerne, Switzerland is an independent photographer.

Meike started as autodidactic photographer in 2002, with most of her knowledge gained from workshops. Among the workshops that influenced her most were those of Vanessa Winship and Richard Dumas (both Agence Vu). In 2011 she obtained her degree in photojournalism from the Swiss School of Journalism (MAZ, Lucerne). She was also part of the Noorderlicht MasterClass in Groningen (NL, 2013-2014). The MasterClass was the starting point for her focus on personal projects and engaging in old printing techniques and photographic processes.

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Meike Hanne Seele

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Meike Hanne Seele
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