Meike Hanne Seele

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  Cyanotypes large format by Meike Hanne Seele 
Location: Lucerne, Switzerland
Nationality: German / Swiss
Biography: Meike Hanne Seele is an independent photographer professional. Meike grew up at the coastal part of Germany and now lives and works in Lucerne/Switzerland. She started as self-taught photographer and gained most of her experience through... MORE
Cyanotypes large format
meike hanne seele
Feb 29, 2016

The five large format cyanotypes reached their place of destination:
stadion «Letzigrund», Zurich, Switzerland.
From left to right the four main activities held in the stadion:
charity - football - the stadion «Letzi» - athletics - events

Thanks to the city of Zurich, it was a great job to do.
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Meike Hanne Seele

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Meike Hanne Seele
Cyanotypes large format by Meike Hanne Seele
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