Kenneth Nelson

Theory Over Time
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Location: Brooklyn, NY
Nationality: American
Biography: Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, I've been a student of photography since my early teens. I continue the practice of film photography using traditional wet darkroom processes to this day. Like many photographers, the joy of watching a print... MORE
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Theory Over Time
Copyright Kenneth Nelson 2022
Updated Feb 2022
Location New York City
Topics Arts, Conceptual, Editorial, Fear, Fine Art, Lifestyle, Media, Mixed Medium, Multimedia, Photography, Relationships, Street, Video
These "theories over time" are looking at the serendipities of life.
Time, space, and place are explored for their unique differences
from moment to moment.  Things change—air, light, shadow, movement, people, Earth.

These vignettes are culled from my walks throughout the city
and places I've gravitated to for one reason or another.
The spaces photographed are random in selection—
they're not preselected before setting up the camera.

Each of the ten images in each slideshow is exactly six minutes
from the other regardless of what's in camera view.
They're timed by stopwatch when film is used,
or automatically by camera when shooting digital.

"Theory Over Time" is ultimately about the randomization of nature
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Theory Over Time by Kenneth Nelson
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