Ignacio Ferrer

Amateur table tennis
Location: Mallorca
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Ignacio Ferrer studied portrait photography with Humberto Rivas and ¨Professional Photography¨ at IDEP Academy.  His photographs have appeared on Jerseyworks and have been selected for the ¨Placebos for Art¨ at the... read on
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Amateur table tennis
Credits: ignacio ferrer
Updated: 04/23/15

Amateur Table Tennis

In Alcúdia (20,000 habitants), a small group of players trains 2 times a week in a grade school gym ceded by the Town Hall. They manage to keep two teams in the official competitions of Mallorca Island (Spain).

I'm from Barcelona. For business and personal reasons, I have lived on the island of Mallorca since 2014. I played table tennis when I was young with my brothers. Now I have returned to practice this sport, thanks to the warm reception of the people of the table tennis club in Alcúdia (Mallorca).

The intent of this report is to show the dedication, work and fellowship that can be found when a group of people enjoys a sport in an environment of limited resources. Our group is made up of people of all ages and dedications, from retirees to DJ's waiting for the tourist season to begin.

I am an amateur photographer as you can see in my FotoVisura profile.

I started this project in November 2014 and I have been taking pictures 2 or 3 times a week. The pictures you see are a sample of my thoughts on this report. The project will continue into the future and more pictures will be added to show the environment around the players.


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