Lenka Hoffmannova

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Location: Šumperk
Nationality: Czech
Biography: My name is Lenka Hoffmannova and I live in Šumperk, the Czech Republic. I was born in industrial town Ostrava in northern Moravia. My grandfather was the master in a coalmine. My father was a turner in the development department of... read on
Public Story
Magnum workshop at COAL+ICE exhibition in San Francisko
I visited the exhibition and Magnum workshop COAL+ICE in the Fort Mason Centre in San Francisko. This exhibition was a part of the International Global Climate Action Summit that took place in San Francisko September, 12-14. This exhibition sent a message: Mobilize. It deals with a potent examination of the global effects of climate change.
Also thousands of climate justice advocates, community organizers and Bay area residents took to the streets Saturday in a 2-mile march. Some advertised the Socialism is the cure, but I lived in socialism for 35 years and it was enough. I asked one young man if he knows there are still concentration camps in socialist countries and he responded about Solzhenitsyn books. Very well, our young people mostly don´t know who was he.

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