Lenka Hoffmannova

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Location: Šumperk
Nationality: Czech
Biography: My name is Lenka Hoffmannova and I live in Šumperk, the Czech Republic. I was born in industrial town Ostrava in northern Moravia. My grandfather was the master in a coalmine. My father was a turner in the development department of... read on
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2016 year in my photos
The 2016 CNN Year in Photos

My photos are mostly taken in the Czech Republic. I love Prague streets and my region. There is beautiful countryside and also a lot of interesting events.

I took photos of the countryside around my town Šumperk. There are Jeseniky mountains with various trees and flowers.

The capital of our region is Olomouc, where I took photos of the International Roma Day celebrations with a lot of dancing and singing. I also took photo of the University Students Rag Day in Olomouc.

The commemoration of autistic people day in blue in Šumperk was very interesting on 1st April.

My favourite festival is in Boskovice with a lot of concerts, music, theatre performances and workshops in the synagogue, castle, chatteau and greenhouse there. They reconstructed a lot of places to show people how their vanished neighbours lived there.

My beloved street photos of Prague are from this amazing Czech capital with its people, monuments, tourists and events.

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