Lenka Hoffmannova

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Location: Šumperk
Nationality: Czech
Biography: My name is Lenka Hoffmannova and I live in Šumperk, the Czech Republic. I was born in industrial town Ostrava in northern Moravia. My grandfather was the master in a coalmine. My father was a turner in the development department of... read on
Public Story
120 thousand people in the main Prague square against our oligarch prime minister
Credits: lenka hoffmannova
Date of Work: 06/04/19 - 06/04/19
Updated: 06/07/19
Location: Prague
There have taken place large meetings against corruption in our country. The group called the Million Whiles for Democracy organizes demonstrations in Prague and also all over the Czech Republic. There were about 130 thousands participants at last meeting. The next meeting wiil be in Letná and there will be twice or more people like in 1989.
Our society is divided by opinions for anything but people there are very friendly and they look happy :)

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