Fabio Sgroi

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Location: Palermo
Nationality: Italia
Biography: Fabio Sgroi, photographer, was born in Palermo in 1965. He began his photographic career in 1986 in the study of Letizia Battaglia and Franco Zecchin working as a reporter for the newspaper "L'Ora". Over the years his career ѐ been marked by... read on
Public Project
Is a personal long–term project about Eastern country. I did this dummy searching iif some publisher or editor could be interested to publish me I focused my work throught Germany, Hungary, Czech Rep. Slovakia, Poland, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, capturing the sence of doubt that remains in this land after the changing of latest geopolitic facts. I worked in anolg black and white photography with two different format 35 mm and panorama. I think my pictures can talk more than I can explein.

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