Emanuela Colombo

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Location: Milan, Italy
Nationality: Italian
Biography: My name is Emanuela. After graduating in Communication Sciences at IULM in Milan, I worked for almost 10 years in purchasing department of several companies in the area. Finally, after so long, I realized that it was not for me and I decided to... read on
Public Story
Women & Crisis - San Salvario

Women and the Crisis - The case of “San Salvario”

 Once upon a time a group of wealthy women from Turin ,who took to heart the life and future of those women arrived in the City from countries where it had become impossible to survive because of war or lack of food. They came from far away and settled in San Salvario (the neighborhood next to the train station of Porta Nuova ), but thay had no idea of how to find a job to keep theirselves honestly in Italy .The ladies thought to create an association to give these foreign women courses that teach them Italian language and especially the profession of housekeeper. At that time there was a great request of housekeepers and this association was able to employ many many women.

 Now times have changed and the founders ladies have been replaced by people expert in social but the association continues existing and trying to give help to those who need it.In these years are not, or are not only, the immigrants who needed help in understanding how to deal with crisis situations and wit the new pattern come with it , but also those who until now had never had experience of economic difficulty and do not know how to behave and who can ask for help , and to invent a job in this ever-changing world .

Our association (now "The world of Joele ") , decided to train a group of women who live in the neighborhood and can meet other women every day. Those women have to give them informations about services available in the city and how to use it or advice on how to behave in certain situations, or who ask to get the correct answers. Pratically they direct everyone to the right place to try to solve treir problem or make it less heavy to bear .These women (called mother of the neighborhood) are of different nationalities as of different nationalities are people in San Salvario , and observing them and their work is much more easy to understand the district . Multicultural but united in trouble and ready to fight to go on, of many colors and different languages, but all mixed in a beautiful rainbow of hope in the future.

I've portrayed them, convinced that by observing and trying to understand the mother of the neightborhood and their stories is possible to understand San Salvario and his " energetic " way to respond to the crisis and the difficulties of our times.


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