Cesar Dezfuli

Location: Madrid, Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Born in Madrid in 1991, in a context of cultural mixture given by my Spanish-Persian origins, it soon awakens on me an interest to know different social and cultural realities. This will be reflected on my work as journalist and documentary... read on
Hungarian police mistreats and push back those refugees who try to cross the border
cesar dezfuli
Oct 4, 2016
The anguish is reflected in their gestures and glances while the sound of alarms seizes the atmosphere a few meters away from the metal fence and its barbed rolls. A group of 18 refugees is trying to hide in the darkness of the night, while a helicopter, which has barely taken a few minutes to get since the first sighting, flies over their heads. From the air, an informer focus seeks his steps, while flashing headlights and barking dogs feel closer.

This scene is lived every night somewhere on the border between Serbia and Hungary, especially since a year ago finalized the construction of the border fence by the Hungarian authorities. Although the barrier has hampered the irregular crossing of refugees in their way to Europe, it has not managed to prevent hundreds of thousands of people who have walked through this route along the last year.


By Cesar Dezfuli —

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