Brian Sesack

Fine Art Photographer
Sitting In Traffic
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Nationality: United States
Biography: As a self-taught artist, I use black and photography to provide a vehicle for my creative self-expression and the transformation from looking to seeing.  I find myself interpreting my environment through the documentation of tone, density,... read on
Public Story
Sitting In Traffic
Credits: brian sesack
Updated: 06/27/18
Location: Pittsburgh
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This project arose out of the frustration of not having time to focus on my art. My day job was keeping me very busy, so I decided to photograph when I had some time, and that meant during my commute to and from work. At first, it was a creative distraction. Then I started to realize that I was transforming the mundane, those things we see while driving that we take for granted, into something of interest.

As a cohesive catalog of images arose, the work itself became an exercise in seeing things differently. By reframing this constraint of time, I was now experiencing creative freedom. To expand upon this idea of reframing constraints, I decided to photograph every image in a square format to see what would further emerge.

The images presented here are in a diptych format with the black and white images representing the Driver Side and the color images representing the Passenger Side’s perspective.  

In addition to these images, I’ve started a blog, “Sitting in Traffic” to share knowledge and information to support the creative potential of the human spirit!  These images and the posts from my blog will be incorporated into a self-published book on nurturing your creative nature.


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