Anna Mia Davidson

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Photography has been Anna Mia Davidson’s passion for over two decades as a medium for social change and as a tool to document the lives of diverse cultures and environmental issues. Davidson’s interest in documenting cultures on the brink of change and aiding in telling the visual stories that can make a political and social difference has taken her to many foreign destinations, it was the combination of the moment she discovered the world of sustainable farmers in Cuba mixed with her daily witnessing of the plight of the small local organic farmers in her community that brought her interests home again to rural America, specifically, the farming communities of the Pacific Northwest.


Anna Mia Davidson works as a freelance photographer and shoots for many different National and International publications as well as special commissions and public arts projects. She is a Blue Earth Alliance sponsored photographer.  Her photographs have been exhibited both in the United States and Cuba, at The Farmani Gallery, Los Angeles, Leica Gallery, New York, Benham Gallery, Seattle, Fototecca Gallery, Havana Cuba, Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, and Zoelner Art Center’s permanent collection.  Anna was selected as one of eleven photographers to shoot for Aperture and USA television network’s “Character Of America Project” where she gained National and International recognition for her “Stewards Of The Land” project and was interviewed on the Today Show.  Davidson is also one of nine internationally selected photographers to shoot for London’s “FotoDocument” project.  Her work can be seen in several book publications including; “American Character: A Photographic Journey”, “Fields That Dream: A Journey To The Roots Of Our Food”, and the cover of “Local vegetarian Cooking”.  Her book Human Nature will be published by Minor Matters publishing company.  Anna Mia Davidson lives in Seattle Washington with her husband and two young children.