Amy Sacka

Location: Detroit, MI
Nationality: USA
Biography: Amy Sacka is a street and documentary photographer whose work explores the evolving cityscape and culture of Detroit. Her work examines how changes in the city are affecting identity, memory and the preservation of heritage and community... read on
A photographic preoccupation with memory
amy sacka
May 5, 2016
I have long been fascinated by the strange, elusive nature of memory -- and how time, experience and agency grapples with it. My series "Memory's Children" which will be featured in Elizabeth Krist's Visura Instagram takeover, explores the mystery of memory and its simultaneously intimate and distant relationship with reality.

I've become particularly interested in memory since moving back to my hometown, Detroit. I've seen Detroit stuggle with its own relationship with the past. How does a city reconcile the loss of population, buildings, history? What happens when the future begins to write over history? Does the land remember its losses?